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Cyber Dance

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Nippon Ichi and NIS America related news, games, and fan related works.

Cyber Dance; n. a community for general news updates, fan works, and general mingling for all NIS America, Nippon Ichi Software (日本一ソフトウェア), and related products.

Also see -- Disgaea 2 Item World Theme.

What; community info
× News Posts for Upcoming Games
× General Discussion of all games developed or published by Nippon Ichi Software
× File Sharing
× Fan-related posts: Fan-art | Fan-fiction | RP Pimping

Layout header by theatrically. ♥
Style Sheet by fruitstyle.

Who; mods
× charmwitch
× shinhawk

Contributers; special thanks
× maiki
× nenena
× narugami
× gibbboy
× tastystirfry
× burnfist23
× xescalation
× Arashiken @ NISAmerica Boards
× StyxDivine @ NISAmerica Boards

How; rules and regulations
× lj-cut if pictures are bigger than 500x500.
× keep fighting to a minimum. We want civilized discussions, porfavor.
× all Mature Content must be labeled and behind an lj-cut.
× go crazy. Feel free to introduce yourself if you want.

Where; links, role-plays, and beyond

Official Sites
× Nippon Ichi Software
× NISAmerica
× Atlus
× N1 Official Forums (JPN)
× NISAmerica Forums (USA)
× Disgaea Trilogy Official Site

Other Forums / Sites
× Akai Tsuki Disgaea Forums
× Zombie Jamboree! NIS Oekaki FAN ART Board
× Disgaea 3 Unofficial WIKI

× Dengeki Online
× Famitsu Online
× GAME Watch
× Disgaea 3 Official Site

If you'd like a link/RP to be added or have any questions, feel free to contact us ... mikosama [at] gmail . com