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looking for d4 stuff!

Hey, everyone. I hope this is alright.

I just spent the last half-hour going through the Disgaea 4 tag looking for cut-in pictures. Er, where the characters talk/dialogue. I cannot find nice images of these anywhere, only screenshots. Does anyone have them? Specifically of Volcanus/Volcano?

Thank you, everyone!

3/6 Disgaea D2 Update

* New characters. We have the Angel Idol girl who...has no name. Or even a voice actress... Hm. Well, apparently she's a popular singing idol who starred in a magical girl series. We also have Asagi and this time she's showing up as a singing idol herself with her voice being provided by Suzuko Mimori (Who in her own right has been essentially been Nippon Ichi's idol ever since she did the voice of Fuka). I do notice that they made new character art for her and considering that we have another idol showing up, I wonder if she have any role in the main game. Or heck, any reference to Asagi Wars since she became a singing idol after reincarnating in Prinny 2
* A new room has been added to the Overlord's Castle called the Devil Dojo. I'm having a little trouble understand it but I think it's the equivalent Disgaea 3's Homeroom Teachers and Disgaea 4's Cabinet Positions in that character who choose specific types of training raise certain abilities during level up. Having your characters stand on spikes for example will raise DEF.
* Dark Assembly covered. Apparently, there's a bill that will raise your character's favorability.
* The countdown on the Disgaea D2 official site has begun. Instead of saying Disgaea D2, one of the characters will countdown each of the days until release. As of right now, it's 20 days till it's release.

Dreamwidth Community!

There! After mashing my head into CSS for the past 8 or so hours...

MakaiStation @ Dreamwidth

It was decided to name it something different from Cyberdance as:

1. It's not meant to be a replacement for this comm... just another place to post news and a place that doesn't involve LJ. >.>

2. So there won't be any confusion... since if I posted something to Cyberdance the inevitable question would be "wait... which one?" "Oh the new one" or whatever. |D

And 3. Cause I had an idea for the layout, so the name was fitting. X3

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Ah someone on Blistered Thumbs was at the NISA press event and was able to interview the guys there!

The interview was short and kinda got cutoff... but in the final video posted it sounded like he was able to get more information talking to them.

The gist from what I heard was this:

Black Rock Shooter information! It's actually completely finished and ready for release, just it got held up by legal stuff between the two companies that made it. So NISA is doing their best to get that sorted out. Given PSP sales are non-existent now, it'll be a digital PSN release for PSP. They'd like to see it go to Vita, but that's entirely up to Sony. It's outta their hands for that. Whenever it is sorted, they'll be dropping it pretty quick. Like HEY GUYS THIS IS BEING RELEASED NEXT WEEK, SUPRAIZ. So it could be any time. They say it definitely will be out before E3.

The Witch and the Hundred Knights, as we heard, YES, it is still being worked on and is even in a playable state now. It's being play tested. As this was their first true 3D game, they ran into a lotta technical problems that massively held things up. Apparently they ended up going even to some of their partners to get some help. It's coming along, and NISA might even try to translate some of it as things go along to get it here a little sooner, but chances of us seeing it this year still seem slim. But early 2014 seems likely. But we'll see.

DD2... not much we didn't know, but yeah they are trying to streamline the game a bit, as fans of the first Disgaea game... it's been 10 years, and people have grown up and don't have the time to put hundreds of hours into a Disgaea game like they once might've. So they're trying to make this one more for people like that. That's cool. :D

And last interesting thing that caught my ear is for the next generation consoles, they'd really like to get more into multi-platform. So making games for PS4, Xbox AND even said Steam! =O! Disgaea on PC? I could get behind that. lol

Uh... stuff was said about the other two games too, but I didn't pay enough attention to write things down about that. Derp. >.> So uh. Check the link above. :Db

(...Also I am still intending to do that DW comm... Just haven't been still feeling great past few weeks and finding a suitable layout is proving to be a lot trickier than I expected. I'll let you guys know when it is all fixed up. DX )

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Brought to you by taiga_ameca

So directly from NISA’s press conference Twitter:

Witch and the Hundred Knights is near completion.
Yummy Yummy Tummy is an iPhone app NISA helped to develop. This Spring, there will be an update featuring Disgaea character.
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is coming out this fall. The subtitle is due to the game apparently being more “lighthearted” than the other Disgaeas.
The Guided Fate Paradox is going to be localized this fall. They seem to have changed the title a bit too.
Namco Bandai’s Time and Eternity to be released this summer, both the game and the anime!